4 Tips on How To Get Your Ex Back Even After a Year

How to Get Your Ex Back Even after a Year

I recently got in touch with Rodney, who was an old school friend of mine but we just met after all those years some days ago. After a few hours of chat, he started talking about his love life. After listening through everything, I realized that maybe I should write an article from the eyes of the man, to give you a better understanding of how it is. So, here is Rodney’s story in his words.

It didn’t have to end that way. They were so in love with each other.

When I was seventeen years old, my parents divorced. Apparently, three years earlier, my dad had an affair with another woman. We moved to another place so my parents could have a fresh start but it didn’t last. The funny thing is that both admit that they would have kept it together if they had had the right kind of help. Three years later, the weekend before my mother was to remarry, my father and she took a walk along the beach sharing how much they wished they had stayed together. Since that day, their relationship has been mostly amicable.

Sad, isn’t it? The sight of two soulmates torn apart is sad because they lacked the right resources to mend their broken relationship. This article discusses four tips on How to Get Your Ex Back Even after a Year and rekindle your love relationship.

First, assess whether you are healed and happy. When your loved one walks away, even if you feel the break up was wrong, or the breakup was long for the one year, you can still have the initial shock and heartache when you remember the ex. You need to decide that you are a whole human being with or without your ex. You can go on; you can make it on your own. Then, evaluate the connection with your ex.

Second, evaluate the relationship. When you were with your ex, what was good? What was not so good? Did being with them enhance your life? Did it spur you on to thrive to your God-given potential? Finally, ask: is he or she really the person you want to be with until death do you part?

Third, don’t push. My wife did this with me. After we dated awhile, I broke off the relationship because I was not ready for marriage. She did not understand, but wisely she gave me space. However for a one-year space may be long for some but don’t forget people are different in emotions and healing. Soon, when the time was right, she gave me a precious gift that clearly illustrated her undying affection. After 3 years, we are still together.

Fourth, get help. Chances are you are not an expert on guy-girl relationships. But, there are plenty of resources available to teach you how to get your ex back and make the relationship work to your deepest satisfaction. Among other things, such resources include marriage and family counselors and online courses and eBooks. The point here is to swallow your pride and let others help. Every relationship struggles through times of conflict. The key is to learn how to deal with that conflict constructively. If the relationship is really worth it to you, you will search out sound advice and put it into practice, no matter the cost.

Sadly, many lovers break up because they do not know where to turn for help. I hope you now get a good idea on the things that you should keep in mind.