How To Make Your Ex Want You Back in just 7 Simple Steps

how to make your ex want you back

Can I get my ex back if he doesn’t want me? If you have been asking yourself this question, you are asking yourself the wrong question. You see, your ex DOES want you, that’s why they chose you in the first place; BUT there are a few things that your ex doesn’t like in regard to your actions. What this means is that there are some things you do, which your ex simply can’t stand, and THOSE things are the reasons why your ex doesn’t seem to want you. Thus, you can potentially get him back and you can make your ex want you again; IF you remove those obstacles. Below are tips on how to make your Ex want you back in just 7 simple steps:

Feel Your Emotions But Don’t Express Them – Your emotions are what got you into trouble to begin with. They are what ignited you to argue, insult, criticize, judge, lie, be selfish, not listen, and misunderstand. THUS, you should learn on how to FEEL but not express them, which in essence means: getting emotional control.

Become Confident – Your confidence took a direct hit when your ex rejected you, and he knows that. It’s unattractive, and men look for a woman who is confident in herself. It’s not cute to be around a woman who is constantly down on herself, and who always relies on others to support her or hold her up, because her self esteem is so low. Confidence is sexy, adapt it!

Change Your Looks – Men are visual, and behind every model is a bored husband. What this means is that men grow bored of your looks, and there comes a point where you need to change them up or make yourself look better so that he can notice you again. This could be as simple as a hairstyle change and a new wardrobe.

Become A High Quality Woman – A high quality woman is one who does not hand herself out easily to men, she shows reservation, and makes a man work for her time and attention. If you want to win him back, you need to do this; EVEN THOUGH you have already given him everything before, it’s ALRIGHT to reserve things again, especially during intimacy.

Reserving intimacy from a man whom you’ve already had intimacy with makes him desire it even more, because it becomes a challenge to him, and men are challenge driven by nature.

Slam The Door In His Face – People never like the taste of their own medicine; especially during breakups and being ignored. For instance, if a man ignores a woman, he gets enjoyment out of it; YET if she ignores him in return, he feels insulted BUT it puts him in his place.

The Time is Now¬† – Remember, no one wants to be around depressed people, so don’t stay depressed. It’s ok to feel your pain, but don’t make it rule your life. Self pity won’t help you make new friends. You need to explore life and remember that this is your life not your ex’s.

Nobody is Perfect-In reality, sometimes all the right moves to get her back might not work.Reconnecting with you ex could happen if your ex still has feelings for you and unsure if they made the right decision.Sometimes love can be a one way street and your feelings of love won’t be reciprocated back even though you once shared that feeling.

Just remember, heartache and pain is part of life and part of growing as a person. You should never give up on life and just keep going knowing you did the best you could.

That place of course is a position where he is now chasing you and desires you, because you are showing him that you are not as easy and predictable as he thinks.